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Angelic Force

Authors: Marilyn Raphael,
Sheree Wu, Victor Chu

A compelling, candid portrait of a modern psychic medium, Angelic Force describes the many challenges trance medium Marilyn Raphael faces in her work and describes the many ways she has touched and changed people's lives by bringing messages from the other side and by teaching others to open their minds to their own psychic abilities.

Without appealing to religious terms or mystical doctrines, Angelic Force helps us clear our confusion about the spirit world and encourages positive thinking toward the various psychic phenomena in our daily lives.

Marilyn's spirit teachers are her angelic force--angels without wings.  These spirits have enriched Marilyn's life in ways large and small, and have helped her to enrich the lives of many. (More...)

Angelic Force - Chinese Version

Publisher: Triumph Publishing

Release Date:  November, 2006


Recommended by:

  • Merit Times, Buddha Light Mountain, Taiwan
  • Taipei City Radio Station, Taiwan
  • Police Radio Station, Taiwan
  • Shih-Hsin University Radio Station, Taiwan
  • Chinese Culture University Radio Station, Taiwan